Foreign Students Studying in Kansai

Osaka YMCA accepts interns from overseas who are currently studying abroad in Japan. Check out the details down below.

We believe in providing opportunities to students who have already invested their time to study and experience Japan. Study abroad students studying within Osaka are free to apply for internships at the Osaka YMCA.

  • Must be studying as a study abroad student in a Japanese tertiary institution in the Kansai region
  • Be between 18 - 26 years of age
  • Possess a valid passport and travel visa to Japan (if required)
  • Have comprehensive t​ravel insurance (intern’s responsibility) or be covered by the intern’s host tertiary institution insurance policy
  • Be proficient in English (a TOEIC score of 700 or higher for those who speak English as a 2nd language)
  • Possess good computer skills: ability to make presentations about one’s internship experiences through Powerpoint or Keynote
  • Have a willingness to learn basic to intermediate Japanese if required. We highly encourage any participate to learn as much Japanese as possible prior to joining the program.

At present, we are currently accepting study abroad students for our Global Department at our Headquarters in Tosabori.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us to find out what is available .

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LinkIcon  Rokko YMCA Intern Camp Leader - Intern Description
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LinkIcon  Anan YMCA Intern Camp Leader - Intern Description
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How is my application assessed?

The Global department will assess the skills and suitability of a candidate based on the following evaluation points:
1. Information contained within their application form and attached documentation.
2. Responses to questions during the candidate’s interview. The Global Department Coordinators will rate the candidate’s responses to questions, average their scores and discuss their suitability in a group. Each internship level is graded and an intern must show they have the raw ability, attitude, enthusiasm, leadership and language skills etc. to be able to complete an internship successfully.
3. Further discussion with their referees or organisations endorsing their application.
* An intern does not have to be a YMCA member but must show that they are willing to follow the principles of the Internship program and the YMCA.

What responsibilities does an intern have during their internship?

If an intern accepts an internship from Osaka YMCA they must agree to:
1. Have appropriate insurance cover by their host tertiary institution, student insurance or travel insurance for the duration of their internship at Osaka YMCA inclusive of all days participating the program
2. Agree that Osaka YMCA can use photos and video material of themselves for the purposes of Osaka YMCA promotions, including web-based and printed material.
3. Read all materials provided for regarding their internship and Osaka YMCA in general
4. Prepare adequately for their internship
5. Prepare suitable materials for cultural exchange activities with representatives from other countries of required
6. Ensure that they have access to enough money in the event of emergency or financial necessity
7. Learn simple Japanese phrases such as greetings
8.Participate in all parts of the internship program including the Global Youth Conference, promotional events and as stipulated in their daily work schedules.

Click on the link to apply online, or download a pdf version here: