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International Internships

Osaka YMCA is rapidly becoming a leader in Asia in the field of international internships. Since 2015 Osaka YMCA has hosted over 150 interns from around the world.

Important Notice:

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Meet Rebekah- Intern at Rokkosan YMCA 


The global internship program offers young people from around the world a unique opportunity to work in Japan and experience it’s unique and fascinating culture. It also challenges participants from different countries to work together in order to achieve common goals. Interns can work in a number of fields with job roles and responsibilities differing depending on skill, suitability and preference.
Osaka YMCA also offers a progressive development system which gives participants the opportunity to progress through the system and return to Osaka over a number of years. There are 3 levels of internship.

Level Title Duration Responsibilities
1 Junior Intern 1-3 Months Does not require previous experience (although desirable), must demonstrate great personal qualities (motivation, leadership, cultural understanding etc) and show potential to develop professionally, recieves stipend
2 Intern 1-3 Months Requires experience in their nominated field, must demonstrate great personal qualities (motivation, leadership, cultural understanding etc) and show potential to develop professionally, receives stipend
3 Senior Intern 1-4 Months Requires leadership experience in nominated field & experience working at Osaka YMCA, must demonstrate great personal qualities (motivation, leadership, cultural understanding etc) and show potential to develop professionally, receives stipend.

Suitable Applicants

An applicant must fulfill the following requirements in order to successfully complete their application

  • Be between 20-28 years of age
  • Possess a valid passport and travel visa to Japan (if required)
  • Be able to take out comprehensive travel insurance (intern’s responsibility)
  • Be proficient in English (a TOEIC score of 700 or higher for those who speak English as a 2nd language)
  • Possess good computer skills: ability to make presentations about one’s internship experiences through Powerpoint or Keynote
  • Have a willingness to learn basic to intermediate Japanese. We highly encourage any participate to learn as much Japanese as possible prior to joining the program.

Personal Characteristics

  • Highly motivated
  • Good organizational skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Able to work in a team
  • Able to work outside one’s comfort zone
  • Ability to work with people from other cultures


Although there are some occasions where interns are “head hunted” because of their unique experience and skill set in relation to a position (in such cases parts of the recruitment process do not apply), anyone who wants to be an Osaka YMCA intern must go through a recruitment process as determined by the Osaka YMCA Global Department and their local YMCA or University. Every intern must do the following to be successful in their application:

  1.  Fill out an Osaka YMCA intern application form (*online or offline which ever preferred)
  2.  Attach their resume with a photo
  3.  Email digital copies to Osaka YMCA global department: global-engagement@osakaymca.org
  4.  Participate in a face to face or Skype interview with Osaka YMCA Global Program Coordinators

Jobs & Workplace

Download an overview of the internship workplaces and job roles. ​
LinkIcon2019 Osaka YMCA Dep and internship outlines (843KB)

For YMCA Department's looking for Intern



The Global department will assess the skills and suitability of a candidate based on the following evaluation points:

  1. Information contained within their application form and attached documentation.
  2. Responses to questions during the candidate’s interview. The Global Department Coordinators will rate the candidate’s responses to questions, average their scores and discuss their suitability in a group. Each internship level is graded and an intern must show they have the raw ability, attitude, enthusiasm, leadership and language skills etc. to be able to complete an internship successfully.
  3. Further discussion with their referees or organisations endorsing their application.

* An intern does not have to be a YMCA member but must show that they are willing to follow the principles of the Internship program and the YMCA.

If an intern accepts an internship from Osaka YMCA they must agree to:

  1. Take out a comprehensive travel insurance policy for the duration of their internship at Osaka YMCA inclusive of all days participating the program
  2. Agree that Osaka YMCA can use photos and video material of themselves for the purposes of Osaka YMCA promotions, including web-based and printed material.
  3. Read all materials provided for regarding their internship and Osaka YMCA in general
  4. Prepare adequately for their internship
  5. Prepare suitable materials for cultural exchange activities with representatives
    from other countries
  6. Ensure that they have access to enough money in the event of emergency or
    financial necessity
  7. Learn simple Japanese phrases such as greetings
  8. Organise their flight times to arrive at Kansai airport between 9am - 5pm
  9. Understand that they are responsible for organising their accommodation
    outside of their confirmed internship dates or during their days off
  10. Participate in all parts of the internship program including the Global Youth Conference as role models and support those who require assistance
  11. Represent your country or YMCA as ambassadors and behave in a professional manner




Meet Eloise - Communications Team Leader

Meet Bryce- Osaka YMCA International School Swim Instructor

Meet Lily - Osaka YMCA International High School Teaching Assistant

Meet Lexie - Global Youth Conference Facilitator

Meet Cass - Global Youth Conference Facilitator

Meet Tim - Global Youth Conference Facilitator


Meet Paula- Mt.Rokko YMCA Junior Intern

Meet Aaron - Osaka YMCA International School Intern

Meet Shelby- Osaka YMCA International kindergarten Intern

Meet Ally- Camp Anan Junior Intern

Meet Izumu- Camp Anan Junior Intern

Meet Kafumi - Camp Anan Intern