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Global Youth Conference


The conference is of young people in the annual, 5-day event held in Osaka during the summer that brings young people from all around the world together affecting young people and enjoy cultural exchange. As the flagship of the Osaka YMCA Global programs, it links with the Internship Program, Social Enterprise Y-starter program and Global Youth Leaders program.


The GYC has the following objectives:

  • To build a forum for young people from around the world to learn about contemporary issues affecting young people through discussion, interactive learning and debate in a positive learning environment
  • Contribute to development of young global citizens
  • Make the GYC the No. 1 youth forum on global issues of it’s kind in Asia
  • Encourage participants to apply what they have learnt and take action to positively impact their local communities through individual and group projects
  • Contribute to the internationalisation of Osaka YMCA in accordance with Osaka YMCA’s Vision 2020 strategic plan

Why get involved?

Simple. There’s so much to get out of the conference, from attending a truly international event as a delegate from your country, to making new friends from all over the world, to learning about important global issues. The young people involved make the event what it is - truly inspirational.

General Infomation


The conference is held in Osaka at Osaka YMCA’s headquarters and Rokkosan YMCA Global Learning Center.  Find more information of Rokkosan YMCA  here.




Early Bird
(Before 2019/5/17)
Standard Rate
(Before 2019/7/8)
45,000 YEN
55,000 YEN
Group of 4~
42,000 YEN (Per Person) 52,000 YEN (Per Person)

OPTIONAL TOUR FEE: There would be several tour choices for the final day. Tour charges will be an additional expense. 

Necessary English Level to Follow Workshops

To join you must be between the ages of 17~24,  be able to speak English at the necessary level, and be willing to make new friends and share your ideas with others.

English Level








Interview Necessary






Higher Intermediate


Interview Unnecessary 








Program Contents




Anyone can attend the conference provided they are aged between 17-24 years old. Individuals or groups are welcome.

The General Assembly is Osaka YMCA’s unique parliament-style activity which gives delegates the opportunity to debate important social issues in a parliament setting. All conference delegates have the chance to create, debate, redraft and vote upon a topic and resolutions in response to important debate questions drafted by conference delegates. Participants are encouraged to overcome cultural differences and find common solutions to the problems. 2016’s GYC General Assembly focused on Freedom of the Press and Media Rights.

The GYC Youth Committee is part of the GYC’s strategy to build an event run by young people for young people. It is comprised of young representatives from various Osaka YMCA youth affiliates such as UNI-Y, International High School (IHS), Business College, Language College, International Interns and Osaka University Students. Members attend regular meetings to discuss, collaborate and decide the content and structure of the GYC. Through this process, young people are given a forum to express their ideas and opinions and act on those opinions to make them a reality at the conference. In 2017, committee members will be asked to elect a youth committee president and secretary to further transfer power and responsibility to Osaka YMCA youth. The committee will be given more responsibility to organise the 2017 GYC.

The Osaka YMCA Social Enterprise Project aims to give young people - namely those who attended the GYC and young YMCA members the opportunity to start their own social enterprise projects in their local communities no matter where they are based around the world. This supports Osaka YMCA’s strategic objective to deliver practical outcomes and local community impact through youth action. Applicants are encouraged to come up with a business idea, write a business plan, and submit it to the assessment panel. Successful applicants will have the chance to receive seeding money, coaching and strategic support and an opportunity to report on their project at the following year’s GYC as a GYC ambassador.