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Social Enterprise

At the Osaka YMCA, we define Social Enterprise as follows:

An organisation, entity or business which provides opportunities, social outcomes and/or training to disadvantaged people.

While there is no supreme body which defines what social enterprise is and what it should always aim to achieve, we feel that the above definition provides a framework for action, particularly for projects that arise out of our Social Enterprise Y-Starter Program and the Global Youth Conference.
Social enterprise can be described as fitting in between the economic realms of business and charity. A social enterprise acts as a business in its setup and structure, and aims to generate a profit. However, it uses that profit to provide social services and outcomes to people in need, like a charity.

Why get involved ?

Ever feel like you want to make a difference for the community by doing your own project? Do you want to do something positive, practical, with measurable outcomes but don’t know how to start it? If so, the Osaka YMCA Social Enterprise Y-Starter project is for you. Make your idea become a reality and kick start your business / project today. This is a fantastic opportunity so don’t wait and apply now.


Osaka YMCAs objectives are to:

Contribute to the development of young socially conscious entrepreneurs in Japan and around around the world
Provide a program for Global Youth Conference delegates to apply knowledge gained from the conference in practical ways.
Fulfills it’s strategic objectives on youth development according to its Vision 2020 strategic plan



You can apply for the Social Enterprise Y-Starter program is you are or have been a:

  • Osaka YMCA Global Youth Conference delegate
  • Osaka YMCA intern
  • Osaka YMCA student
  • YMCA youth member

Yes, both individual and group projects are eligible. You must specify whether your project is an individual or group project in your application form.

The Osaka YMCA will provide up to $2000 seeding money for any project that is approved by the Social Enterprise Steering committee. Successful applicants will also have access to mentoring and coaching from selected Osaka YMCA staff, youth leaders and Social Enterprise alumni.