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Looking to join our program? Look no further! Fill out the forms and we will get back to you asap. If you decide to fill out our downloadable forms, please email us at global-engagement@osakaymca.org and attach the filled out form to your email. 

Global Youth Conference

Apply for GYC down here! You can apply through an online form or download, fill out and email us  global-engagement@osakaymca.org the application form 【Eng】2019 GYC Application Form -91KB- Download !
English Applications
LinkIcon【Eng】2019 GYC Online Application Form
LinkIcon【Eng】2019 GYC Application Form -91KB- Download
以下からのGYCのご応募をお待ちしております!ご応募はオンライン、または応募用紙PDFファイル 【日】GYC 2019 申込書 -104KB- Download をダウンロードの上、記入していただき、 global-engagement@osakaymca.org までお送りください!
LinkIcon【日】GYC 2019 オンライン申込書
LinkIcon【日】GYC 2019 申込書 -104KB- Download