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As Osaka YMCA Global Department’s mission is to:

Empower young global leaders by offering education, social enterprise and cultural exchange opportunities in order to develop strong and active global citizens working for peace and justice, the environment and social harmony irrespective of gender, religion or nationality.

We are acutely aware of our of commitment to serve the community and empower our future leaders. But we need your kind support to make it happen. A one off or on-going donation sponsoring our wonderful programs will have a lasting effect on those you support and the community at large. Now more than ever, is a time to foster positive international relations and a strong global citizenship perspective for our young people.

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More and more companies are looking for better ways to engage with their community in order to have a positive social impact and boost staff satisfaction and retention. Becoming a Corporate Social Responsibility Partner with the Osaka YMCA is a perfect way to achieve those goals. By teaming up with Osaka YMCA, your organisation can gain access to whole network of sponsorship, corporate volunteer and community-based activities provided by an organisation with a long, strong and proud history of working for young people and the community as a whole. Contact us here to find out more.
What better way to make connections with young people from abroad, learn about a foreign culture, have an opportunity to practice your English and show the true charm of Japan than as a host family for international interns and students. Contact us here to find a suitable match for you and your family. ​
We are currently open to have Sponsers for our programs. If you or your buisness would like to be our supporter, please contact us at here.