You can be sure master advanced Japanese.

In the Practical Japanese Course, there are two Japanese classes a day (50 minutes × 2). The classes cover the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) N1 level or higher. You can brush up on the basics of Japanese necessary not only for a social life but also for various jobs.

Ensure your skills in business Japanese! Be perfectly prepared for the BJT!

Learn Japanese as used in various business situations so as to read and write business documents (e-mails, letters, presentation materials, etc.) adequately. Also, by making preparations for the Business Japanese Proficiency Test, you can improve your business communication skills.

Acquire business knowledge and skills

Thoroughly learn about various matters ranging from fundamental knowledge about Japanese companies and business practices to dealing with Japanese companies and international transactions and trade.
Also, you will examine systems related to companies and life work. Furthermore, you will attend thorough lectures on the latest information for starting a business in Japan.

Acquire the ability to design your career

Perform self-analysis with an aptitude test and find your own future! You will learn about job-hunting activities (preparation of job applications, resumes, interviews, etc.) targeting Japanese companies and further explore intercultural communication for your life after joining a company.