• Acquire the Japanese skills necessary to enter and study at university/
  • Classes consist of a small number of students so that everyone can get intensive individual guidance for further education
  • Fine-tuned Chinese character education that also accommodates students from countries that do not use Chinese characters


Educational goals and policies


Acquire academic Japanese skills required for passing the entrance examination and being able to study at your first choice university

Acquire academic Japanese that is necessary to increase the possibility of being accepted by your first choice university as well as for listening and summarizing lectures and writing reports after entering university. This will be achieved by brushing up on your Chinese character skill, vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension, listening comprehension and essay writing skills.

Knowledge about social issues, etc.

Learn about the problems that are currently occurring in the society where we live and the countries of the world and acquire an overall wide range of knowledge.

Logical thinking

In our society, where there some problems cannot be easily solved, we will not just investigate the available information but also improve our skill to logically approach the various problems.

To have your own opinion and acquire the skills to express it by using the Japanese you have learned.

The goal is to establish your own opinion rather than mere general theory and to be able to express it according to the situation or according to the type of questions by using verbal or written descriptions.

We invite external lecturers and have them give lectures on subjects such as English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science and Japanese.

Learn the EJU subjects other than Japanese which will make you better prepared for various examination subjects for each university and thus provide more choices for schools in addition to preparation for the EJU.

Class management with a small number of students and intensive guidance for further education

Classes consist of a small number of students so that everyone can get individual fine-tuned guidance both in class and during guidance for further education.
This allows you to spend more time on preparation for your statement-of-purpose and practicing for interviews.

Chinese character class that enables you to understand the meanings and readings by looking at the characters and identify them by listening to their pronunciation

Considering the current situation of the increasing number of students from countries that do not use Chinese characters, we teach the characters including the meanings of the character radicals, the readings of the main parts of the characters and the composition of idioms.