Eligibility for application:

Applicant must belong to a church and presently serves there or has plans to do so in the future. The applicant must be
non-Japanese and has a need to learn Japanese. (Nationality and funding are inconsequential.) Applicant must have a strong desire to attend YMCA and study Japanese (not just the sender/ sponsor) The sending church must have an office in Japan with a representative who will be the student’s guarantor and will take responsibility for the student while living in Japan.


The Japanese Language Department
Full-time course & Step Course

Tuition Reduction

Reduciton Calculation : 30 percent of Tuition.
* Other fees: Enrollment fee ¥80,000, Materials (texts) ¥5,000 / 6 months, college student visa renewal fee ¥20,000.
Applicant must be dedicated to Japanese language study and fulfill attendance requirements.
Applicant understands the nature of international / regional activities and will actively participate as a volunteer.


  • participate in worship services and programs by sharing testimonies and giving messages
  • Show international support by helping with handicap programs and contributing by giving donations
  • Help schoolmates
  • Participate in cross-cultural programs with local schools, etc



Visa holders must pay within 2 weeks of commencement of classes. Students applying for visas through YMCA must pay by the time the immigration office issues the certificate of eligibility (the residency permit).


The following is a list of reasons in which an a student may be suspended.

  1. The student record shows too many absences, meaning the student was absent more than 90% of class days. The student’s attitude is not good and the quality of the schoolwork is very low. Student does not take exams and grades are incomplete.
  2. When the student breaks the policies of the school or the laws of Japan.



In addition to the documents necessary for applications, the following documents must be submitted. Upon submission, a guarantor (representative from sending agency) or another responsible person needs to come to YMCA for an interview.

  • Financial aid request form.
  • Statement of promise
  • Brochure about group to which student belongs



Acceptance is based on the evaluation of presented documents and on the interview test. (However, acceptance is not based solely on documentation.)