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University Preparatory Course A


This is a preparation course for those who wish to go onto university or vocational college. Preparation measures for entrance examinations vary with each type of university, college, or department, e.g., national or public university, private university, science course, or liberal arts course. Preparation Course A provides effective and efficient guidance according to each aspiring individual so that they can attain their goals efficiently in a short period of time.

Students will acquire advanced Japanese proficiency required to pass entrance examinations and go onto higher education institutions, such as Japanese universities or vocational colleges. Each student will acquire examination techniques as well for the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU) or Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) with the aim of achieving high scores. Furthermore, they will learn academic skills for specialized lectures and researches that they will experience after their entrance. Osaka YMCA International College assists each student in passing the entrance examinations with its unique systematic curricula, educational materials, more than 920 classroom hours per year, and careful individual guidance outside school hours.

University Preparatory Course B


This is a preparation course for those who have graduated from university and intend to study further in Japanese graduate school.
Preparation Course B provides each individual with examination guidance, ranging from consideration to each student’s research theme with research planning to entrance examinations.

Each student’s preparations for entrance examinations for graduate school include the determination of a research theme, the investigation and determination of a research institution, research planning in writing, interviews with a professor providing instructions, a written examination, an oral examination, etc. Full-time instructors provide a one-to-one counseling carefully on a series of these preparations for students while they learn Japanese. This course develops each student’s Japanese proficiency and advanced academic skills so that they can understand lectures, read specialized materials, conduct research, make reports, and give presentations in Japanese.